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Treasures under your nose?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Distance from home: 4.4km

I have always driven past the signs for this fruit and veg shop but never stopped. This time, as the exploration happened by bike I want along some tiny backroads that, to my delight, took me past the little farm where all the fruit and veg for this shop is grown. Not only is this super local but all the produce is organic as well! It is called La Cerise Montolin and if you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend a visit for some fresh and tasty produce.

This is where the veg was grown!
The Farm

I am so HAPPY with this find and it's only a 15 minute bike ride away!

Sadly, the issue with cycling is that there is only so much I can carry on my back so I had to settle for my favourite vegetable - the aubergine.

Who knew they could be so colourful!

These aubergines were used to make GRATIN D'AUBERGINE - click for the recipe!

P.S. I have since been back to this fruit and veg shop many many times and of course, the veg availability changes with the seasons. Now as we are in more wintery times, all the pumpkins and squashes are flourishing. This makes this shop local, organic and seasonal - and I don't think this is possible to beat!


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