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About me:

No one cares about a backstory... let's get straight to what matters. Yes, that means food, baby!

I went vegan in January, for 'environmental reasons' as the line goes, but to call myself a vegan wouldn't be strictly accurate. I seem to have slightly bent the rules for myself. 

At the time, along side Veganuary, there were many other movements floating about, such as the ethical butcher's 'Regenuary'. Both these movements seemed to butt heads, despite having some very similar end goals, most importantly eating in the most environmentally friendly way. 

I have since attempted to combine these two ideas and various others, in a dietary and lifestyle concept that I am calling Planetarian

This is why I've decided to start blogging. I want to work out the best way to eat while having as little impact on the planet as possible. I will explore this by visiting local food and drink producers, be it vegetables, cheese or wine, and work out what kind of impact these places have on the environment. This will hopefully shed some light on if being vegan is in fact the best way forward or if having a local sheep yogurt instead a coconut one may be much better.

Just to make things more interesting, I have decided that all trips linked to this blog have to be done on my trusty bicycle. This means less carbon footprint and all producers I visit have to local, especially as my fitness levels are somewhat lacking...

With this blog and the concept of planetarianism, I'm purely going on what I know and many things will be subjective. Bearing this in mind any tips, tricks or advice you have about environmental eating, local foods and bike maintenance would all be greatly appreciated. Let's fill our stomachs, while keeping the world as green as we can!

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